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Green Garden of Bliss w/ Turquoise Stretch Bracelet

Green Garden of Bliss w/ Turquoise Stretch Bracelet


Add a pop of color to any outfit and make a statement with this show stopper!

~Natural Gemstones used~

Verdite, Peruvian Turquoise, Green Angelite Cat’s Eye, Sunset Dumorterite, Green Strawberry Quartz, Aquamarine & Lodalite Quartz

Verdite to promote peace & harmony in your life.

Peruvian Turquoise for creative energy & increased confidence.

Green Angelite Cat’s Eye

for healing, prosperity & happiness.

Sunset Dumorterite to alleviate fear, depression, nervousness & stress.

Green Strawberry Quartz for

boosting self-love & tranquility.

Aquamarine a gemstone that is associated with luck and happiness, believed to bring peace, love, joy & happiness to those who wear it. Said to keep sailors safe at sea & powerful when submerged in water. Additionally, it is a water themed gemstone, and it is thought to represent the emotional healing and purity of the water and have protective properties to help with communication and decision-making.

Lodalite Quartz is known to absorb negative energy & harmonizes all of the chakras, especially the heart.

  • Care Instructions

    Please be sure to keep your bracelet away from water, soap, perfumes, hair and skin products, lotions, and any harsh chemicals. Some stones are softer than others and if exposed to these substances they can crack and break. While I trust the Elonga brand I use for my stretch cord, it’s not tested for Superman strength. As much as possible, roll your bracelet over your hand without excessive pulling. The best way to clean your crystals is with the soft jewelry cloth I have provided.

  • *

    This listing is for 1 single 7.25” stretch bracelet with included gemstone info card.

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