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Stainless Steel Bar Necklace Collection

Stainless Steel Bar Necklace Collection

Handmade wire wrapped with .304 stainless steel 24 gauge wire and 2mm soldered link chains. The beads range from 3mm-5mm faceted and smooth natural gemstones. Each piece is handmade in small batches in my studio- each is one of a kind so the photo shown will be the exact piece you’ll receive. Approx 18” in length.

Please choose color from the drop down menu.

Prices starting at $18.95

042- Moonstone smooth 3mm rondelle

043-Crystal Quartz 4mm round

044- Freshwater Pearls rice shape 3mm

045- Moonstone 4mm faceted cube

046- Natural Topaz 4mm faceted cube

047-Rose Quartz 4mm faceted round

048- Strawberry Quartz 4mm faceted cube

049- Garnet 4mm faceted cube

050- Rainbow Tourmaline 4mm faceted rondelle shape

051-Carnelian 4mm smooth round

052- Citrine 4mm faceted cube

053- Peridot 4mm faceted cube

054-100% natural untreated Australian Chrysoprase 4mm faceted cube

055-Peruvian Opal 3mm rondelle shape 

056- Diopside 4mm faceted cube

057- Emerald 3mm faceted rondelle

058- Turquoise 3mm faceted rondelle

059- Angelite 4mm smooth round

060- Aquamarine 4mm faceted cube

061- Neon Apatite 4mm faceted cube

062- Lapis 4mm faceted cube

063- Sapphire 5mm faceted round

064- Sodalite 3mm faceted round

065- Labradorite 4mm faceted cube

066- Amethyst 4mm faceted cube

067- Malachite 4mm faceted round

068- Tanzanite 2-3mm faceted rondelle

069- Kyanite 4mm faceted round

070- Dumortierite 4mm faceted round

071- Ruby- India 4mm faceted round

072- Orange Garnet 3mm faceted round

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