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Luna’s Calm Morning

Luna’s Calm Morning


I call this bracelet “Luna’s Calm Morning” because the vibrant color of the Peach Moonstone beads remind me of an early morning summer sunrise. The dark and lucious purple of Amethyst represents Luna (the moon) when it slips out of sight and the day begins.

Gemstones used & their Metaphysical Attributes:

Peach Moonstone helps to bring out the best in everyone. It can be an

emotional support in many situations preparing you for new beginnings.

Helps you to overcome feelings of anxiety or fear.

Sugilite builds self-

confidence happiness, courage & positive energy.

Peridot known as

“The stone of friendship” attracts prosperity & good fortune It can also

provide protection against nightmares.

Lepidolite is the most powerful

stone for countering stress, worry & grief and helping to heal mental

trauma. It’s the most abundant lithium baring minerals.

*All the beads used in this bracelet are natural and untreated*

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