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Jupiter’s Beehive w/ Peruvian Turquoise Stretch Bracelet

Jupiter’s Beehive w/ Peruvian Turquoise Stretch Bracelet

Honey Calcite, the “Healing Stone of Love” Attracts prosperity,

balances hormones & promotes emotional wellbeing. Yellow Jade brings

luck, wisdom, optimism & confidence. Peruvian Turquoise is found in the

Andes Mountains in Peru. Associated with the planet Jupiter, it can promote

balance & harmony. Celestite comes from the Latin word for heavenly. It’s

stress relieving vibes will certainly ease a chaotic mind. If you are experiencing

anxiety from unfamiliar situations or difficult relationships it can bring clarity &

aid your ability to reconcile. Howlite associated with emotional balance, helping

with self control & discipline, ward off negative thoughts & emotions while

having a gentle & calming energy. Said to reduce stress & anxiety. .

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    Materials used:

    Elonga stretch cord

    8mm round Peruvian Turquoise

    8mm Rondelle Kingsman Turquoise

    8mm round Honey Calcite

    6mm round Honey Calcite

    8mm round Celestite

    6mm round Howlite

    8mm round Faceted Yellow Jade

  • Care Instructions

    Please be sure to keep your bracelet away from water, soap, perfumes, hair and skin products, lotions, and any harsh chemicals. Some stones are softer than others and if exposed to these substances they can crack and break. While I trust the Elonga brand I use for my stretch cord, it’s not tested for Superman strength. As much as possible, roll your bracelet over your hand without excessive pulling. The best way to clean your crystals is with the soft jewelry cloth I have provided.

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