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Hydrogrossular Garnet Stretch Bracelet

Hydrogrossular Garnet Stretch Bracelet

Natural and untreated Hydrogrossular Garnet stretch bracelet

Hydrogrossular garnet is an especially rare gemstone. It's defined by a bright green color, and most commonly found with black inclusions. These inclusions are chromite, and the green color is caused by a reaction in the stone when the chrome is introduced to water. The green coloring has likened the stone of jadeite in the past, and because its hardness has made the stone perfect for beads and cabochons, it has often been used as a substitute.

Stone Type: Garnet

Sub-Type: Hydrogrossular

Treatment: Natural

Chakra: Root, Crown

Origin: Canada, Russia, South Africa, and the United States

Mohs Hardness: 7-7.5

  • Care Instructions

    All of my stretch bracelets are strung on Elonga stretch cord.

    Always put your stretch bracelet on the right

    way. This is one of the main factors in bracelets

    that don’t last. Never put on your bracelet by

    stretching it over your hand. As much as

    possible, roll it over your hand without

    excessive pulling. Keep the bracelet away

    from soap, perfumes, hair and skin products.

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