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Green Angelite Cat’s Eye Stretch Bracelet

Green Angelite Cat’s Eye Stretch Bracelet

This listing is for 1 single 7.25” Green Angelite stretch bracelet with included gemstone info card.

The fibrous asbestos inclusions in Cat’s Eye give it the flash that inspired its name. It is a form of Chrysoberyl, the third two hardest, common natural gemstone. The beautiful seafoam color is truly mesmerizing and all natural.

Stone Type: Angelite

Origin: Madagascar

Treatment: Natural and Untreated

Mohs Hardness: 8.5

Metaphysical Attributes:

Healing and happiness.

  • Care Instructions

    All of my stretch bracelets are strung on Elonga stretch cord.

    Always put your stretch bracelet on the right

    way. This is one of the main factors in bracelets

    that don’t last. Never put on your bracelet by

    stretching it over your hand. As much as

    possible, roll it over your hand without

    excessive pulling. Keep the bracelet away

    from soap, perfumes, hair and skin products.

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